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© 2019 by Sila Yucesoy.


Insider is a technology company with 8 offices in 3 continents, focused on building a digital experience delivery platform for marketers.

In February 2017 they were about to release their newest product, InOne, and they asked me to design the promo video for it. This video was also to be the inspiration and starting point for the whole product launch concept design.

The goal was to explain what InOne was all about without turning the video into a how-to animation. As such, it needed to showcase the product without going into too much detail. Additionally, a futuristic feeling was a must.

So I reimagined the interface designs of InOne in a simplified yet futuristic way, more suitable for animating.

Here, the hardest part wasn't highlighting the product's technical features but rather designing the abstract scenes where the voice over (already written by Insider's copywriter) was talking about concepts like "empowering behind the scenes" or "bridging the digital silos"... 

Yet, these challenges also made this video an amazing experience for me. I'm very proud of what we accomplished with this project and happy to add this piece, which is quite different from the rest of my work, to my portfolio.

Client: Insider
Design & Animation: Sıla Yücesoy
Voice over: Cankut Durgun

MobileWeb - Animated Bits

2 months after InOne, we worked for a second time with Insider. They needed another promo video for their new product. But this time, they wanted to combine animation with live action video of some of their managers talking about the product.


Here you can watch the full video.

Client: Insider
Design & Animation: Sıla Yücesoy

Style Frames
May & July, 2017