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© 2019 by Sila Yucesoy.

Please see the English version here.

iyziPOS, iyziBAZAAR and iyziGLOBE

iyzico is one of the hottest startups in Europe (according to WIRED Magazine in 2015, 2016 and 2017) and it is also the fastest growing payment company in the EMEA. So I was very excited when they called me to commission several different types of videos.

I first shot and edited the background video for their new website, then they needed 3 new animations for their 3 products: iyziPOS, iyziBAZAAR and iyziGLOBE, which you can see below.


We were already running short of time when we started because before contacting me, they had worked with another agency for these videos and didn't like the result at all. So we had to do everything from scratch on a tight deadline. I even had to change the script since I felt it didn't meet the needs of a successful fin-tech company.

Yet the biggest challenge was to make the video look and sound friendly while still maintaining a  serious tone. Since they were a payment company, conveying trustworthiness was of course essential. However, they also wanted to look "easy" to use (just like their name: "iyzi"!) since they served clients of all scales.

Once I met the team, I felt that we understood each other perfectly and after that it was a lot of fun working (and hanging out) with them in each and every project we've done so far.

Client: iyzico
Design & Animation: Sila Yucesoy

Voice Over: Toprak Sergen

Please see the English version here.

This one is changed with a new product: iyziLINK

Style Frames
May, 2017