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© 2019 by Sila Yucesoy.

Midnight Disease

In summer of 2014, I’ve read a book called “Midnight Disease”.
It was about hypergraphia, “a behavioral condition characterized by the intense desire to write”.
The author, Alice Weaver Flaherty, an American neurologist, also explained the creative brain and how it works.

I was immensely moved by the accuracy of the book, having spent maybe more than 20 years of my life struggling between the pain and the pleasure my desire to draw, and animate, and write, and paint, ... gave me. 
So I decided to make a short animation about this feeling which I hope every creative person can relate to.

First I wrote a short poem. Then I drew a storyboard. But finishing all the drawings and animating them frame by frame took me 2,5 years. Mostly because I am a sensitive person when it comes to my personal projects. My job, my relationships, sicknesses and sadnesses, and happinesses… Everything was a reason to take a break from this project which I wasn’t sure was going anywhere anyway.

But finally, here it is. Like a small piece of my heart, sitting here, waiting to be seen.

Special thanks go to Michael Kemal Hill for his amazing voice and interpretation.

Style Frames
May, 2017